BPCP: Part of LA for over 75 years

Rooted in history, but always evolving


Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool Vision


At Brentwood Presbyterian, we are committed to developing our children and families.  We create opportunities to discover the world and encourage creativity, wonder, independence, empathy, and meaningful relationships.

We are committed to developing our faculty and staff.  Our staff make us what we are and we support them and provide an environment where they can grow and thrive. 

We are committed to developing our community.  We pride ourselves in the character of the families we attract.  We seek to be forthright, involved, respectful neighbors to our surrounding Brentwood community. 


At BPC Preschool, our philosophy is that a developmental approach is the best for children to build a solid foundation for their educational future.  We believe everything a young child is exposed to becomes a part of their education, and that a developmental approach is best for children to develop a solid foundation for their educational future.  For this reason, we provide a fun, safe, loving environment or children to learn, play, explore, and socialize.  

We believe it is important to expose children to many varied themes, subjects, and activities, that will help foster their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development.  We strive to offer many enriching, hand-on experiences through age-appropriate activities such as dance, music, literature, art, cooking, science, song, and field trips all designed to benefit young children in their educational experiences.  It is our goal to use all that is socially relevant and intellectually stimulating to young children.

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing
— Charles Schaefer


Campus Tour

We are proud of BPCP's beautiful, clean, open feel. From our three, large age-specific outdoor play areas to our indoor multi-purpose gymnasium, there is plenty of room to move and play. Our eight spacious classrooms are suited to fit a variety of needs, with a special indoor/outdoor feel to each. Take a virtual tour of our campus and schedule an appointment to come visit us!


Staff + FacultY

Meet our wonderful faculty and staff! Our suberb group of teachers and administrators are the secret sauce at BPCP. With deep experience, incredible passion, and the warmest hearts, our staff truly makes preschool your child's home away from home. Come learn about our resident superheros who make a difference every day!


Parent Community

Our community is made up of a beautiful blend of welcoming, relateable, down-to-earth, engaged parents and children. We are real people - with a shared ethos and a common vision for what makes these precious preschool years so special. We are invested in making this village a home for all families. Come see how you can get involved at BPCP.


Where Our Kids Go Next

We are proud to place our graduates at all of the top public and private schools in the local Los Angeles area. We remain committed to helping our parents find schools that are the best fit for their children. Click here to learn more.