Transitional Kindergarten Program


Our Transitional Kindergarten program offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum taught by credentialed teachers that will help them prepare for Kindergarten.

Our aim is for the child to learn the essential Kindergarten skills of pre-literacy, pre-math and other cognitive skills, while helping to build their executive functioning skills, which aid in self-regulation and emotional/social development.

We are fully committed to our belief that a developmental, child-based, play-based, and experience-based approach to learning and growing is mission critical.  As our students get older, we want education to remain fun, engaging, and supportive. 


As a result, our core curriculum for our TK students expands seamlessly with the children’s capabilities and curiosity about the world around them.  We integrate selected academic curriculum including developmentally-appropriate STEM, Fine Arts and Music, Literacy, Language and Cultural Immersion, Cooking, Conservation, and Physical Education.

Thematic Learning:  Children learn best when themes are interwoven across disciplines – it allows children to recognize the information in playful and engaging ways, while creating connections that make the learning richer. To that end, the TK classes will explore a new theme each month, allowing them to fully engage with the curriculum and aid in the learning process.


Child-Centric Pacing:  As we do in each of our classrooms at BPCP, the pace of learning will be determined by each child. Some children in our TK classrooms will be further advanced in certain areas and some will need a slower pace. We remain focused on giving each child the attention and care that he/she needs to be successful and engaged, all while providing that quintessential loving and nurturing environment.