Meet our wonderful faculty and staff!


With nearly 400 years of experience among them, our teachers are not only the most seasoned, but the most highly respected in their fields. 

All teachers have degrees and credentials in early childhood education.  In addition, all participate in rich continuing education opportunities each year to keep up to date on evolving teaching approaches. 

Our classrooms have a dynamic mix of lead and supporting teachers, maintaining a 6:1 ratio in our younger classes and 8:1 ratio in our older classrooms. 

And our staff stay with us, sharing our unique approach for decades.  Our average tenure at BPCP is 12.5 years, with roughly a quarter of our staff having been here for 20+ years.

But our staff are more than their resumes.  They are dedicated and loving human beings who care deeply about each child they see in their day.  Our faculty and staff are tightly partnered with parents and families, helping navigate every day and special circumstances with grace.  Our teachers are parents and grandparents themselves – so teaching is not a job, but a passion.