Welcome to Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool!


Welcome to Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool!

As a professional deeply involved in children’s lives, I know our young ones need an environment that stimulates all their senses, and nurtures and prepares them to be both high-achieving students and good human beings.  From my 15 years of experience in private education and the wider Los Angeles community, I know that BPC Preschool fosters and celebrates this whole-child approach in a special way.  

At BPC Preschool, we recognize every child for their unique individuality and provide an environment that allows for cognitive, social, and emotional development.  We see a child’s natural curiosity as the front door to creativity, expression, and social networking.  We encourage learning through scaffolding – tying ideas and concepts together to gradually build the core academic skills.  This learning is nestled in fun and engaging experiences with their peers, helping each child’s confidence and character bloom.  The secret sauce is that all of this learning is driven through play so they never lose the wonder and thrill of childhood.

We see BPC Preschool as a valuable extension of our families’ homes.  We get to know each family at a deep level, and strive to incorporate the core values and expectations that shape their lives.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment rich in meaning, that will make a lifelong difference for the children, their families, and their communities.  

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and I encourage you to make an in-person visit to our preschool. On behalf of all of us at BPCP, I look forward to meeting you very soon.

- Christy Corsinita

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