Meet Nancy Epstein

Teaching at BPCP since: 2005. 

I have been the lead teacher in the toddler program for the past 12 years. I've been teaching toddler classes in the community for 28 years. 

Why Iā€™m at BPCP: I Love teaching at BPCP for many reasons. It has an incredible sense of community. The families that attend the school are loving, warm and dedicated parents. I enjoy working with them and teaching them parenting skills. The teachers and administrators at the school are incredible. The most dedicated, giving and caring staff that I have ever worked with in my 28 years of teaching. When you walk onto the BPCP campus you can feel the warmth and love from the entire community. I also believe in the philosophy of the school. It's very developmental. The children at our school are learning every day but without stress and pressure. When you look at the children's faces, they are happy. There is so much joy in our school from the children, teachers, administrators and parents. I wouldn't teach anywhere else.

Education: I graduated from Stanford University with a BA in psychology and a minor in education. In 2009, I became a certified life coach focusing on teen girls and parenting skills.

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