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When BPCP opened in 1948 in a small building on Bundy, the faculty knew that a modern, open space was going to be important for the children. Over the next decades, the school has invested and built out an expansive footprint with the vision of providing opportunities for all children to stretch and grow.

We have eight bright, modern classrooms which make use of adjacent outdoor space to create an airy indoor/outdoor feel. Each has quiet reading nooks, areas for imaginative and creative play, as well as a broad range of sensory and building materials to inspire young minds. Each classroom is attached to an age-appropriate restroom to support proper toileting and hygiene habits. We are also grateful to the Church for granting access to their brand new, commercial-caliber kitchen to support in-class cooking projects.

We are very proud of our three playgrounds which are tailored to specific ages. This means that your child's playground will have the equipment, movement space, and safety features that precisely fit his or her developmental needs. We are also one of the only preschools that has a full court indoor gymnasium and multi-purpose space. So regardless of the weather or program, there is no lack of room to run and play.

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Outdoor Space


Toddler Yard


Small Yard


Large Yard


Indoor Space


Toddler Room


Preschool Classrooms


TK Classrooms with organic garden


Indoor Gym


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